Deposition summaries

         Deposition summaries are the most valuable tool an attorney has in litigation. We have summarized transcripts for cases of all types, ranging from patent infringement and medical malpractice to construction defect and sexual harassment. Whether you are a solo practitioner, mid- to large size firm, or corporate legal department, We have the experience and resources necessary to undertake most challenging projects.

        Our summaries contain a precise representation of all the facts of the testimony, presented in complete sentences, with topic headings and page/line references, in any of three accessible formats

  • Chart Summary
  • Page-by-Page
  • Topic Summary

        In addition, we can tailor our summaries to your specific requirements. Our attorneys are trained to distill complex testimony into manageable material without compromising the tone of the deposition.

       We offer deposition summaries in any of three standard formats. Our chart and page-by-page formats provide a continuous distillation of the transcript with intuitive topic headings corresponding to each successive page range. The topical format, in which testimony is organized into topical sections, indicates where any information pertaining to each main subject (or the subjects you specify) can be found.